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MPS high school makes Christmas carol parody about a sandwich

Posted at 4:28 PM, Dec 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-12 19:24:56-05

A Milwaukee High School is getting attention for making a Christmas Carol Parody about a school lunch item.

Nicolo Onorato grew up in MPS Schools looking forward to Chicken Patty Day. Now he's a special education teacher, also involved with the school's theater and radio programs, and still anticipates Chicken Patty Day.

"A lot of kids kind of look at me silly like 'oh yeah it's Chicken Patty Day Onorato whatever,' but it legitimately brings me joy," said Onorato.

He first made a big deal about the sandwich during morning announcements. Then Mr. Onorato started changing lyrics to songs to emphasize his love of chicken patty's.

"I did a parody of Hamilton "I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot." I made it "I'm Not gonna Throw Away Your Lunch," said Onorato.

After that, students started making parody's about their favorite menu items.

"They produced some 20 lunch songs about mini corn dogs, their favorite side which is garbanzo beans," said Onorato.

Onorato teamed up with the choir director for this latest spoof.

"It's the quintessential choir Christmas song is Carol of the Bells," said Breitbarth.

It took some convincing, but most students embraced the idea.

"We're incorporating Christmas and food and so like that was fantastic," said Alanna Bielawski.

Carol of the Patties was the outcome of one teacher's craving taken semi-seriously.

"I was smiling so much that tears started coming down my face... Inspiring them through chicken," said Onorato.

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