Wisconsinite Josh Bilicki prepares to race as NASCAR takes over Road America this weekend

Posted at 3:26 AM, Jun 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-30 07:08:14-04

ELKHART LAKE — Road America will be bustling with NASCAR races this Saturday and Sunday and one local underdog is competing on both days.

"Can we go out there and win the race? You know that's going to be a tall task for us. Can we go out there and run top ten? I think we can," Josh Bilicki says. "You know, I think a top ten for our organization, I think that's a win. I think that's a win at a road course. Now in the Xfinity Series? I think we can go out there and win. I think we're going to go there this year and be very competitive. You know, if I had to grade one track that we could race competitively at? I think it's going to be Road America."

The Cup series is as competitive as it's ever been.

"There are 32 teams that are B plus organizations. It hasn't been this competitive since I really followed the sport. You know, since, the mid-2000s," Bilicki says. "We have been so lucky to have Zeigler Auto Group and the partners we have this year but you know, we're still competing. It's a David versus Goliath honestly."

Bilicki hasn't always had it easy. He has one top ten over his 6 year NASCAR Cup career. So, he's heard the social media scuttlebutt.

"We have 30 employees," Bilicki says. "These big teams? Joe Gibbs? Hendrick? They have billion-dollar, you know billion-dollar owners who can invest their own resources into their organization. Which they do. And they have 500 plus employees. You know, we can't compete against that, at the level we're at right now."

Lance Allan asks I can't believe that I think this is your 6th year in Cup and third full-time year because you had those first three years where you were kind of running a few races here and there. Does that blow your mind?

"So we just raced at Sonoma this past weekend and that's where I made my first Cup Series start in 2017. So being there, brought back a lot of memories," Bilicki says.

And Josh never forgets his Wisconsin roots.

"Lately I've been doing a lot of go-kart racing, karting," Bilicki says. "And Badger Kart club, where I grew up racing, there's a lot of kids out there who maybe they look up to me. And if I can give them any advice? I'm all for that so if there's anybody watching and they go out to Badger Kart club during the week and want any coaching? I'm always available for that."

Lance Allan asks so you're saying like on a Tuesday or a Wednesday night, you can show up in Dousman, and Josh Bilicki could give you a lesson on a go-kart?

"100 percent!" Bilicki says. "And it's happened this year already. Multiple times. It's awesome!"

Bilicki is pulling double duty, and actually feels he might have a better shot at victory in the NASCAR Xfinity race, on Saturday, July 2.

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