Wisconsinites supportive of Cubs during World Series run

Will you be watching?
Posted at 5:34 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 19:01:14-04

A lot of people around southeast Wisconsin will be cheering for the Cubs when the World Series begins Tuesday night.

It's obvious at Milwaukee's Major Goolsby's sports bar where folks wear their hearts on their, well, heads.

Marvin Davis was happy to sport a Cubs cap.

“It’s a very good support system," he said. "Everywhere I go it’s Cubs fans, everywhere."

There’s a passion and commitment Cubs fans carry with them wherever they go. Just ask Austen Friend.

“Everyone likes them because I feel like they’re such an underdog team forever," he said.

While cheering on the Cubbies might seem counterintuitive to someone living in Wisconsin, there’s a perfectly good explanation for it.

Like so many other things -- past is prologue, history provides the answers.

Master Z's sports memorabilia expert Adam Repenshek thinks media helped make the Cubbies America's team.

“I believe WGN, the superstation, you were able to watch day baseball around the country," he said. "The Brewers were playing in the American League, not really playing against the Cubs, so you had the opportunity to watch both teams."