Wisconsin natives contributing to Marquette men's lacrosse team's success

Posted at 10:35 PM, Feb 25, 2019

Marquette men's lacrosse has some local flavor.

"Historically the East Coast has been strongest," Logan Kreinz said. "Now the Midwest and South is coming on. It's good for the growth of the game."

"We compete with East Coast schools that recruit 50 miles from their campus," head coach Joe Amplo said. "Now we can bring in more local products."

"Guys from non-traditional lacrosse hot beds can come in and make an impact," Quintin Arnett said.

Logan Kreinz, Moey Lardy, Jordan Schmid and Quintin Arnett. Could they be the Wisco-Disco Four?

"We haven't thought about a name," Kreinz said.

But the important thing? All four state products have a bond.

"Me, Logan, Quintin....we all played in tournaments together," Moey Lardy said.

Now they are making an impact. With big goals."The ultimate goal is to win the national championship, and we're not afraid to say that," Jordan Schmid said.