Wisconsin mocks Miami's turnover chain

Badgers break out clever celebration
Wisconsin mocks Miami's turnover chain
Posted at 9:03 PM, Dec 30, 2017

Following a fumble from Badgers running back, Jonathan Taylor, on the first drive of the Orange Bowl, the Miami Hurricanes defense broke out their signature turnover chain to celebrate. 

But, Wisconsin would get their revenge later in the half. 

Following a 12 play, 71-yard drive, Wisconsin took the lead on a 16-yard pass from Badgers quarterback Alex Hornibrook to receiver A.J. Taylor to grab a 17-14 lead. 

Taylor made a statement with his touchdown celebration after pretending to rip an imaginary turnover chain off his teammate, Kendric Pryor. 

Almost all of Twitter was impressed with the clever celebration, even people that said it was disrespectful. 


One user had their own idea for a Wisconsin themed turnover chain made out of a ring of smoked sausages. 

The Badgers are backing up their talk with their play on the field,  silencing their doubters when they took a 24-14 lead into halftime after trailing 14-3 in the first quarter.