Weekend Warrior: Love of soccer helps local man get into better shape

Posted at 7:03 PM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-14 20:03:49-04

Alex Sanchez is a man who got back in the gym and returned to his love of soccer, to get in better shape.

Alex Sanchez used to work in the Brewers clubhouse. The long hours and late nights got to him.

"The schedule," Sanchez says. "You know constantly on the road. You're on the road, what is it? Baseball is 162 games in 180 days. And then they added more. And more off days now but spring training also. You know you got your normal life back. You're working 9 to 5. My work schedule is a little different. I go 4 to 1 to 2pm. So I still, but I still get to enjoy my afternoon. I get home at 2. My son is doing home school because you know, the whole covid. So I get to spend time with him."

At his worst?

"I was 375. Almost 380, somewhere around there," Sanchez says.

Lance Allan of TMJ4 Sports asks how much did you lose?

"I lost 100. I lost about 100 in a little bit, about a year," Sanchez says.

Turning to his first sports love of soccer helped.

"We love it," Sanchez says. "It's a game we love. It's a game we grew up playing. We start off as competitors, we played against each other. Just meeting people at pick-ups, here and there. 'Hey I need a player for this week.' Yeah, write me down. Write me down. Became friends. Turned into family."

Alex plays four days a week. For him, it's more than friends.

"We're a true family," Sanchez says. "We do outings you know as the whole team. You know, we go footgolf. You know, we've gone to events before. We've gone to concerts. We've gone, multiple things you know. Someone's having high school graduation for their kid? The whole team shows up."

And if you're interested, Alex says there's a way for you to play.

"On Facebook, there are pick-up pages for soccer. There are multiples," Sanchez says. "That's where I found a lot of my friends that I now consider family. You know, was a pickup page. You know, hey, we're doing pick up at this place. Just show up and you're there."

Alex says for him, it's pretty simple. Just getting out and playing, is most of the battle.

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