UW-Milwaukee considers its options for fall sports

Posted at 5:45 AM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-08 06:45:36-04

UW-Milwaukee Athletic Director Amanda Braun says the pandemic is tough on the UW-Milwaukee Panthers, as well as coaches.

"We don't recruit the kind of kids that are sitting, playing video games and eating Doritos. Right? We've got kids that, they wanna work hard," Milwaukee Panthers Athletic Director Amanda Braun says.

"You know, when I'm on this kind of Zoom-type call with my head coaches. And we feel like everyone's at a funeral, it's just like awful," Braun says.

Everything is on the table. From full, to condensed seasons.

Lance Allan: "Do you have contingency plans where you go ok, well, if we can have a partial season, we'll just play conference games and skip the non-conference. Are those discussions being had too?

"Exactly what you just said. A sub-group of people have come up with a whole bunch of, if-thens," Braun says.

But faced with a tight budget, will the Panthers have tough decisions to make?

"University is participating in the furlough, as a strategy, to mitigate some of that. And we are also, that's impacting us. And our staff, with the hope that we get out ahead of it," Braun says.

For now, everything is still on pause.

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