Tennis player Sydan Parker hopes to model the way in Sherman Park neighborhood

Parker will play in the state tournament
Posted at 11:06 PM, Jun 01, 2017

The state tennis tournament started in Madison Thursday, and one of the success stories coming out of the event is that of Sydan Parker.

Standing at 6’5” Parker is intimidating at the net for the Homestead High School.

“Yeah, I definitely get that sense. I mean me and my doubles partner we're both pretty big guys,” he said. “So just seeing us together, during the lineup, just shaking hands with our opponents?  It's very intimidating.  I would be scared too.”

Parker’s success in tennis is a major inspiration. At the age of 6 he joined the Milwaukee Tennis and Education Foundation program in the Sherman Park neighborhood.

After seeing last year’s unrest, he is trying to be a shining light in his neighborhood by teaching others about the game and overcoming the odds.

“Well I think he's just an inspiration to everyone and they really, it's very cute to see the boys from the suburbs now have taken him, under his, their wing,” said Homestead Coach Jackie Egelhoff.