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Steve Stricker: 'Means a lot' to be named captain of US Ryder Cup team

Sports Reporter Lance Allan sat down with Stricker 1-on-1
Steve Stricker right on the projected cut line after two rounds at the U.S. Open
Posted at 5:27 PM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-15 09:58:11-04

On an absolutely beautiful day Whistling Straits, Sports Reporter Lance Allan went one-on-one with U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Steve Stricker.

Lance Allan: You come here, you got USA on the hat. Madison guy, home state. It's a rare opportunity. What immediately goes through your mind?

Steve Stricker: It brings a smile to my face. And a warm feeling, knowing that you know, this huge golf event. The biggest spectacle in golf, the Ryder Cup is going to be held in Wisconsin and it's such a treat for all of us."

Allan: What did it mean to you to be the first U.S. Ryder Cup captain that didn't win a major, that you're respected that much?

Stricker: Yeah, I appreciate that. It means a lot. But at the end of things, does really winning a major qualify you to become a captain? I don't think it does. It shows that you played great golf for a week and won a major championship or more. Does it qualify you to lead a team? And I would say no. So the thing is, I've been an assistant captain for 3 of these Ryder Cups. I've been a captain for a President's Cup. I've put in my time. So hopefully I've learned a lot."

Allan: Are you more nnervous for this or daughter Bobbi going through school and winning the Women's Am this summer?

Stricker: I'm more nervous for this. But I tell you what. It's right up there, watching my kids. It's hard to watch them at times. And I'm rooting so hard for them but it's all fun. Golf's a huge part of our daily lives.

Allan: I know you were vocal in wanting Tiger [Woods] to be a vice-captain and it just couldn't happen. Maybe just explain the reasons why?

Stricker: He's not far enough along yet. He's showing great progress. He's still part of the Ryder Cup family for sure, our Ryder Cup family. And I talked to him, daily text messaging. And you know, every two or three days, we'll get on the phone together. So he's a big part of this. It's good to have him around, even though he won't be here physically? He'll still be here to help.

Allan: The final thing is, from Wisconsin guy to another that you know, just between the two of us. Any insider tips, or anything, any little things that you can give us, that you haven't said to anybody else?

Stricker: Well, I could give you a few but I'm not going to. You're going to have to come out and watch!

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