UWM players still frustrated with Jeter's firing

Posted at 6:47 PM, Mar 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 21:20:04-04

After the firing of UW-Milwaukee men's basketball coach Rob Jeter, now it's the players' turn.

Three Panthers felt like things still need to be talked about in public, and took a stand in an interview with Lance Allan.

"We're fighting for our team," Akeem Springs says. "We're fighting for our coaches, which we have the highest respect for. We're fighting for, I mean, we're fighting just for fairness."

It's clear to see all is not well after the firing of Rob Jeter, and the decision to bypass this year's postseason.

"You don't come D1 just to sit throughout your last two years, and I just felt like the last two years were wasted in my opinion just because it felt like I was just playing exhibition games the whole time," Matt Tiby said.

Administration and players are not on the same page.

"Distrust almost...You don't get a whole lot of response from, you know, the administration," adds Dan Studer.

After a meeting with Athletic Director Amanda Braun and the players last night, the issues don't seem to be resolved.

"I don't feel like our meeting did anything for us. I feel like a lot of players left with the same uncertainty they had when they went into the meeting.  There were responses, but I don't think our questions were answered," says Springs.

Tiby is so upset he may alter his graduation plans.

"As of right now, I don't know if I want to even walk across graduation because you know, I am ashamed to be put as a Panther right now just because of all the turmoil that's going around," he said.

Springs could graduate after the summer, and possibly transfer. But he claims his scholarship is in doubt.

"We have all these talks about education.  We had a postseason ban so the number one priority should be education.  But you're telling a player that, oh no, you're not playing basketball so we really don't care about your education...Knowing that our ban was because players left and didn't graduate."