Runner from West Allis Nathan Hale High School sets new state record in 3,200-meter race

Posted at 3:13 PM, May 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-31 19:55:33-04

A runner from West Allis Hale has set a new record for the fastest 3,200-meter race run on Wisconsin soil.

"8:44 for Josh Truchon!" the announcer screamed.

"I did not look at the clock the entire time," Josh Truchon says. "When I crossed the line? I had no clue. Someone had to tell me, and I almost didn't believe it at first."

"That might be the fastest 3200 meter ever run on Wisconsin soil by a high school athlete," the announcer said at the time.

"My coaches called it historic," Truchon says.

And it was. Josh Truchon set a new record in the 3200 meters.

"The more I thought about it, I was like, ah, that was pretty special!" Truchon says

What was the official time?

"8:44.39," Truchon says."

The fastest 3200-meter race ever run in Wisconsin soil by a high school athlete. The state record by Drew Bosley previously stood at 8:57. A full 13 seconds better than any high school runner on Wisconsin soil. And second only behind Chris Solinsky's all-time mark set in a California meet.

"I'm just excited for running in the future," Truchon says. "All the places I'll be able to take that, and go farther with it. And my coach is always saying no limits."

If you remember, Josh won the state cross country title by nearly 20 seconds.

"Maybe expectations, but I haven't really let that get to me," Truchon says. "There was like no, hey you peaked! That's it, you did it!"

As a group leader with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Josh runs with joy.

Lance Allan asked "you have a joy about you. What goes into that?"

"I just, all the amazing things that I'm blessed with," Truchon says. "Like my family, friends, and coaches. And all the people I've come to meet here at Hale."

He sports a weighted 4.54 GPA at West Allis Hale, which is impressive.

"I was asking myself, would I rather race, or do the test?" Truchon asks. "And definitely race. Ten minutes versus 3 hours."

After high school, he'll run for the Wisconsin Badgers. And maybe we'll see him on the world stage someday.

"Every runner wants to go to the Olympics," Truchon says. "And if my running journey takes me there? You know I'd love to run in the Olympics."

And just think. State track and field isn't until the last weekend of June, so he's still peaking.

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