Red Bull Flugtag to take over Milwaukee's Veterans Park on July 16

Posted at 7:11 PM, Jun 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-30 18:30:52-04

MILWAUKEE — In case you haven't heard, Reb Bull Flugtag is coming to Veterans Park, on July 16th.

"I have to do this, it's in Milwaukee, this is my one and only chance because it's worldwide. I have to sign up right now," says Anthony Balistreri, a member of Team Schmeat and Flugtag enthusiast.

The excitement over this unique sport has a group of Wisconsinites figuring out how to fly.

"I don't know anything about building planes, but I think we are smart enough to figure it out," says Quinn Brousseau, member of Team Schmeat and "pilot" of the future aircraft.

Comprised of recent college grads, Anthony and Quinn are just two of the five members representing Team Schmeat.

"We are definitely one of the younger teams, definitely some of the most ambitious," says Anthony.

But what this group lacks in experience, they make up for in passion.

"It was really important to us as Milwaukee natives to represent where we are from. And if people from across the country are coming to Milwaukee to visit and see this event, I want them to know what we are all about," says Quinn.

So it should come as no surprise that Team Schmeat is building a flying brat.

"It's going to be just an entire raw brat, no bun. The cart we push it on maybe a bun and it has like soar off. But it's going to be a brat with wings," says Anthony.

No toppings will be added to the flying brat, except the one that's required.

"The entire aircraft including me has to be under 400 pounds. So, I've been trying not to amass weight," says Quinn.

"There's going to be a one-foot window right here where Quinn is going to sit. We will pad it really well so when he drops from 30 feet it doesn't hurt," says Anthony.

Just in case Quinn chickens out, the team does have a 15-year-old wiener dog named Oscar, on standby.

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