Racing at Road America is Rahal family affair

Posted at 11:07 PM, Jun 21, 2019

PLYMOUTH — Racing at Road America runs in the Rahal's family.

Graham Rahal is racing this Sunday. His father, Bobby, is an IndyCar legend who raced this track across three decades. Even Bobby's father, Grahams grandfather, raced at this track.

"Everybody's embraced it," Graham said.

This weekend Graham is paying an extra special tribute to his father. He is racing in the exact same color scheme as his father did in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

"Like me, most of them were here at that time as well and got to watch that as well and got to cheer for this paint scheme," Graham said.

Given that the Rahal's have had such a history here, it was an obvious choice to bring back the color scheme this weekend.

"(Road America was) my favorite track as a driver," Bobby said.

Bobby's legendary car is on display for everyone to compare the new with the old just like they can compare Graham and his father.