Philadelphia Eagles fans grounded for Super Bowl celebration

Philadelphia police grease cities light poles
Philadelphia Eagles fans grounded for Super Bowl celebration
Posted at 2:50 PM, Feb 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-04 15:50:56-05

PHILADELPHIA -- Fly Eagles Fly has been the motto for Philadelphia Eagles fans throughout their historic run to the Super Bowl, but if they take home the trophy tonight, Philly police are looking to keep the celebrations grounded. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that officers were out Sunday afternoon greasing light poles with hydraulic fluid to prevent fans from climbing them. 

The officers greased about 100 poles up and down Broad street. 

Reportedly, the officers tried a similar tactic last week after the NFC Championship, rubbing the poles down with Crisco and dubbing themselves the "Crisco Cops" but the slippery substance failed to find success. 

This week, they've changed their name to the "Pole Patrol" and hoping their hydraulic fluid tactic come up short like last week's shortening. 

Philadelphia's police commissioner said he has to assure the safety of the fans "as well as the people who they could fan on."