On the rise: Pewaukee native Isabella Marquart prepares for the Junior Fed Cup

Posted at 4:40 PM, Mar 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-11 17:41:33-04

PEWAUKEE -- Isabella Marquart is an 11-year-old athlete, who is on her way to the top. 

In just a few days, Marquart will not only represent her hometown of Pewaukee , but the entire country, competing in the Junior Fed Cup at Flushing Meadows. 

"I love the competition and I love working hard. Playing against different people, moving around, and trying different shots is also fun," said Marquart.

"She's a great athlete. She's got unbelievable for her size, so she hits the ball very hard. She's got probably the best eyeball and eye-hand coordination I've ever seen; not just for her size but for any tennis player. She just makes contact with the ball so cleanly," said Aneila Neuberger, Marquart's tennis coach, and Sports Core tennis director. 

Flushing Meadows happens to be same courts her favorite superstar, Rodger Federer, has played many times. 

"He's just the greatest, and he has all the shots. I love that he can make any shot in any situation, and I love his composer on the court and how calm he stays. He shows no emotions at all," said Marquart. 

As one of three juniors selected, Marquart is ready to shine in a moment that could help shape the rest of her tennis career. 

"This an amazing opportunity for me, especially at 11 years old. I've been dreaming of doing something like this and playing on these courts every since I started playing. So no matter how I do, no matter what the results are I know I'm going to come back with a great experience," said Marquart. 

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