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Ukrainian Luger falls off sled, somehow climbs back on

Last place run finishes spectacularly
Ukrainian Luger falls off sled, somehow climbs back on
Posted at 3:57 PM, Feb 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-11 16:57:19-05

In luge, six tenths of a second can be the difference between first and thirteenth place.

So, most of the time casual spectators can't determine a run's quality outside of the final running time.

However, when a run goes poorly, it makes for some exciting television.

Ukraine's Andiry Mandizy finished 40th out of 40 sliders, but he can go home with his head held high because at least he didn't get disqualified.

Luge competitors are automatically disqualified if they don't cross the finish aboard their sled. Mandziy had the wherewithal to somehow get back on after he'd fallen off, even though he recorded a time 15 seconds later than the leader David Gleirscher of Austria.

This is just another example of how impressive Olympic athletes are, especially compared to us normal people sitting on the couch.

Mandizy was able to climb back on a sled that can reach 90 miles-per-hour, and most of us have to give up when we fall off our floating raft in the pool