Former Soviet Olympian teaches archery to Glendale kids

Posted at 12:51 PM, Aug 09, 2016
Inna Lebedinsky came to the United States a few years after competing in the 1980 Olympics for the Soviet Union's archery team.
"When you wear that special Olympic outfit you feel so proud because your representing your country," she said.
She became interested in archery after she walked by a range and almost got hit by an arrow.
"And I started yelling, What are you doing? No safety!" she recalled.
The boy who almost hit her told her to pick up a bow and try archery so she did.
Now, she makes safety a priority in her archery classes with the Nicolet Recreation Department in Glendale.
"From the first day of instruction until the last we're talking about safety," Lebedinsky said.
Lebedinsky said archery is not a physically demanding sport, so it is good for people of all ages and abilities.
"Children need to have an opportunity and adults," Lebedinsky said. "You saw today, adults, and that's just a great way for recreation."
For more information about Lebedinsky's classes with the Nicolet Recreation Department, click here