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Retired American speed skater Dan Jansen weighs in on 2022 Winter Olympics experience

Posted at 4:47 PM, Feb 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-14 17:47:55-05

Dan Jansen is a retired American speed skater. Although the gold medalist isn't in Beijing competing, he is weighing in on this year's Olympics.

Jansen has never met Wisconsin speed skater Jordan Stolz, but he certainly sees, the similarities.

"He's got a feel for the ice that you just can't teach," Jansen says. "It's there. You can see it in some skaters and his is astonishing. He is for real."

Jansen said he sees himself in Stolz.

"Reminds me a lot of what happened when I was 16 and my first international race," Jansen recalls. "I set a junior world record, but I also got fourth overall out of all the top guys, and so that's when my eyes opened. I said I think I maybe can be pretty good at this."

These skaters are used to having little if any fans, but they also are having a different Olympic experience.

"It's not family, it's not friends, and the people that are normally there for you," Jansen says. "But the Olympics is so different than anything else. So they're just not going to get the same experience that I had for four games and that many had."

Jansen also realizes more than most, whether it's the success of Erin Jackson or the difficulties of the rest of U.S. speed skating, you get one shot.

"Long track is different. You get one shot and one only. I know that better than anybody," Jansen says. "So it's better to be loose and relaxed going to that line."

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