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Ope! Charlie Berens attempts Luge after training with Olympic athlete

A beginner's guide to luge at the 2022 Winter Olympics
Posted at 5:54 AM, Feb 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-09 06:54:34-05

Charlie Berens shared a video Tuesday showcasing his new skills in Utah after being trained by Jonny Gustafson, who is on the USA National Luge team.

Once Berens began training, he seemingly began to change his mind in typical Wisconsin fashion.

"You know, I might just stick with ice fishing," Berens said.

However, he pushed through. When it came to stretching, Gustafson was able to motivate Berens by putting a beer in front of his toes. And while Gustafson lifted weights, Berens lifted a Miller Lite.

As he headed to the course the 12-year-old kids start on, he did a prayer and headed down with a "Oh geeze louise" and "holy smokes" and lots of curse words.

"You're the biggest luger, Charlie," Gustafson said when Berens made it to the finish line. "Do you wanna go again?"

And because we wouldn't expect any less, Berens responded, "Yeah, no. Let's go get a beer."

Watch the entire experience for yourself:

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