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Chloe Kim wins gold, her dad wins hearts on social media

Chloe Kim wins gold, her dad wins hearts on social media
Posted at 3:50 PM, Feb 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-19 16:50:37-05

On the day of Chloe Kim's big halfpipe run, her father, Jong Jin Kim was there to support her, as he has been since giving up his job to help her reach her snowboarding dreams.

He showed his love for Chloe, holding a homemade, laminated sign. 

That morning, Kim sent his daughter a text, reminding her that it was her time to become the dragon. Chloe was born in the year of the dragon, so her father repeatedly yelled, "Imugi!" The Imugi is a Korean tradition of a simple snake turning into a dragon, usually after 1,000 years. But her father reminded her that it was the day for her to turn into the dragon.

The Washington Post reported that he texted his daughter, "Today is the day imugi turns to dragon."

Chloe may or may not have embraced Imugi, but she took home the gold nonetheless.

Jong Jim Kim told CNN, "I'm the dad of an Olympic gold medalist, not many people have this kind of feeling."

After emigrating from South Korea in 1982 with only $800 cash, Jong Jim Kim was on the quest for the American dream. With all of Chloe's success, he is one proud father. Kim agreed on the TODAYShow that Chloe is the American dream.

After Chloe won the gold, her dad drank a cold beer in celebration.

Fans love Chloe's dad and he's gained quite the popularity on social media.