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Buzzy Brown's long and winding path to the Olympics

Posted at 8:54 AM, May 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-19 09:57:17-04

A three-time All American and a six-time Conference Champion, long jumper Buzzy Brown is still making a name for himself.

"I graduated from Carthage College in 2011 and have been doing USA Track and Field since. I have made it to four different USA Toyota Championships, the highest place I have placed is 6th," says Buzzy, Carthage College track and field alumn.

A 33-year-old, with a plethora of day jobs, Buzzy has plenty to keep him moving.

"Dance teacher, at like four different places. Gym teacher as well in Milwaukee. Shout out to all my gym teachers and schoolteachers," says Buzzy.

But his ultimate goal is to compete at the Olympic Trials, meaning he also still has plenty to work toward.

"Furthest jump I've ever had is 7.75 which is 26-feet. But a lot of 8-meter fouls which is the Olympic 'A' Standard. So, the goal is to hit that Olympic 'A' Standard," says Buzzy.

Not taking his first jump until his senior year of high school, Buzzy's success and longevity are already impressive.

"When I have these jumps where I barely foul by a centimeter, but it ends up being 8.20, it's like I know it's there, but I just have to keep pushing," says Buzzy.

Take time to consider the pandemic, and other obstacles he has overcome, and his dedication will blow you away.

"Went from training on the track to grass to having to be on cement. I think me switching that surface was just really hard on my body. Then I tore my Achillies ten months ago and I didn't even know if I was going to be ready. But I pushed it, pushed it, pushed it, and now I'm here in the best shape I've ever been," says Buzzy.

Training whenever and wherever, Buzzy hopes his relentlessness will make his dreams come true; while inspiring others to keep trying.

"I feel like I'm doing it for myself, for my students, and just trying to represent all those D3 school kids who have the talent but not sure if they want to do it or not, might as well try," says Buzzy.

Buzzy's next chance to qualify for the trails is coming up in California. But if it doesn't happen in 2021, don't expect this athlete to hang up his spikes.

"I feel like I got at least another three, four, years in me. At least. You know as long as my body is feeling it, I'm going to keep pushing. It's just a good way for me to stay in shape," says Buzzy.

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