New sports complex opening in Franklin next year

Posted at 8:36 PM, Dec 21, 2020

FRANKLIN — There's a new sports facility set to open in Franklin, on the southern edge of Milwaukee County in early February. And as we get the first look, there's one thing that repeatedly comes up.

"I walked in and I was like wow. You know, this is a game changer," Wave Head Coach Giuliano Oliviero says.

"It's a game changer for our club," Executive Director of Soccer Operations Milwaukee Wave and SC Wave of ROC Ventures Shan Amini says.

"So yeah, it's a total game changer," Roc Ventures Owner and Executive Officer Mike Zimmerman say.

"We've been supporting sports in the area for 12 years since we opened our doors but this is a game-changer," Chief Orthopedic Surgery at Midwest Orthopedic Speciality Hospital Dan Guehlstorf says.

From the owner:

"I've been looking at this thing on paper for I think 2, almost 3 years. So when I walked in here? It is jaw-dropping for sure," Zimmerman says.

To the high school football quarterback:

"You know, having a place where I can be training with high-level pros or high-level college athletes? You know, something I aspire to be? It's only going to be more motivating to me," Franklin Quarterback Myles Burkett says.

And the medical expert:

"That's the beauty of this is, we not only have the training facility for the athletes. We've got a medical clinic next door with advanced imaging capabilities. And in between the two? We've got a full-service physical therapy and athletic training staff," Guehlstorf says.

To the soccer world:

"Well, it's the first time we have like an indoor facility that we can play 11 v. 11 on because I know in the winter months, it's really hard for us to like get the full field action," Taylor Rinzel says.

"I thought it was really cool because it's the first time our club has had anything like this before," Enzo Bova says. "So, the fact that it's ours and we don't have to share with any other club or any other people? Besides the other sports in the area, is really cool."

"It's great for soccer. We've always kind of been a fringe sport at times, where people treat us. Now we're out here with the baseball and the football. Just interacting is huge for us," Amini says.

"It's going to be very intriguing when the Milwaukee Wave returns to action next year and players know that hey, you know what? It's a first-class facility. You know what, you've got your gym. You've got your rehab area. Guys are going to be spoiled and guys are going to wanna come here and play," Oliviero says.

This facility at the Rock Sports Complex in Franklin looks to be unique.

"Well, we have nothing like this anywhere near us," Amini says. "We end up traveling hundreds of miles on a regular basis in the wintertime, to play games."

And the one-stop-shop, for sports, training, and rehab? Is a big plus.

"It's actually one of five in the United States," Zimmerman. "So the other partners in all this is Boldt. Where they're integrating you know, medical with performance and community fitness, so this is a kind of a newer version of that."

By the way, it is a full football field with five-yard end zones. 110 yards, quite a massive building.

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