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Wisconsin curling star Matt Hamilton caps off match with beer

Hamilton grew into social media sensation
Posted at 10:07 AM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-17 14:58:04-05

In true Wisconsin fashion, Matt Hamilton wrapped up his day of mixed doubles curling competition with an ice cold beer.

I know it's just the Olympics," Canadian curler John Morris said in an Instagram post featuring him and Hamilton. "But at the end of the day it's still curling."

Despite a rough a rough Olympics on the ice, finishing 2-5 and 7th place overall, both Matt and his sister Becca can at least say they have enjoyed their time so far in Pyeongchang.

Matt, especially, who has grown into a social media sensation.

He was constantly comparing himself to Nintendo's Mario, while other's on Twitter saw him more as a slimmer version of Kansas City Chief's head coach, Andy Reid.

Plus, his mustache earned it's very own Twitter account that was begging Matt not to shave him.

And something Wisconsinites surely love, Matt and Becca throw a football before their matches to they can "emulate the best athlete in the world Aaron Rodgers."

Though Matt and Becca are done with mixed doubles, the pair will split to play in the upcoming men's and women's divisions. And fans couldn't be more excited for more curling action, the only sport that features the athletes mic'd up throughout the entire match.

"I feel like I'm best friends with @MattJamilton and @heccabamilton because I've spent so much time with them the last couple of days. Watching curling has become my life!!" one of the Hamiltons' fans wrote on Twitter as Sunday's game rolled on.

The microphones also revealed that Matt and Becca can get a bit testy with each other during a match.

After a poorly tossed stone, Matt said to Becca, "Hey Becca. Come here ... Don't roll your eyes at me."

That moment lead to a long bout of silence, as both stood far away from each other, arm's crossed and staring into the vast stadium.

They mics also highlight some of the lighter moments, such as Canadian curler Kaitlyn Lawes saying, "Well, I'm sweaty," following their victory of the Hamilton's.

So, despite rocky performance on the rink, Americans agree that curling has been a blast.