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Dousman's Brianna Decker takes home gold with USA's Women's hockey team

Posted at 7:20 PM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 20:20:00-05

Team USA Women's Hockey gold medal victory in a nail-biter against Canada is already being deemed the new 'Miracle on Ice'.

Three of those competing on team are Wisconsin natives. 26-year-old Brianna Decker of Dousman has devoted her whole life to the sport. On Wednesday night, the assistant captain played a crucial role in the biggest game of her career.

Her mother, Marilyn Decker, is hockey mom of four. With two competing at the same time on opposite sides of the world, Marilyn didn't make the trip to PyeongChang.

"Our family is big so we've always had to divide and conquer," Marilyn said.

She stayed home to support her youngest son on the ice, but last night was all about her daughter with gold on the line.

"Honestly there was excitement, but there was also a lot of nerves."

Brianna Decker followed her two older brothers onto the rink at the age of 4 and rest is history.

"She played in the driveway, they played in the basement," Marilyn said.

The center forward went on to win an NCAA championship at UW Madison and was on the 2014 Olympic team that fell just shy of gold. In this Olympics, the team got revenge in a shootout for the ages.

"She's right there, she's just mobbed, look at her, she's so happy," said Marilyn.

Decker's first call once she got off the ice was to mom.

"She goes, 'I did it', and I go, 'yes you did!'" Marilyn said.

The 26-year-old will go down in U.S.A. Hockey history after the team won its first gold in 20 years.

"You just realize everything she's dreamed about and worked for has come to fruition, it's just been a long hall," Marilyn said.

Decker's mom hopes her daughter will be back in the 2022 Olympics if that's the case, she will be making the trip.