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Bradie Tennell goes for gold with help of Wisconsin native and figure skating coach Denise Myers

Posted at 1:50 PM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 14:50:32-05

MILWAUKEE -- Denise Myers and Bradie Tennell. One is a coach, the other an athlete. One is a Wisconsin native, the other from Illinois. 

But you will be hearing both of these names in the same sentence a lot over the Olympic period. And hopefully, as a team, they can accomplish something spectacular. 

"Many years ago I lived in Oak Creek and I had a friend that skated. I went with her and immediately I fell in love with, I think, just the freedom on the ice," said Denise Myers, US Olympic figure skating coach and Wisconsin native. 

Figure skating is ballet on ice. It's one of the most beautiful sports to watch this winter games. 

The sport, is also one in which Denise Myers has successfully coached multiple athletes in. 

"They have to have that work ethic. I always say hard work beats talent when talent doesn't’t work," said Myers. 

That’s where Bradie Tennell comes in. With talent, and work ethic, Meyers and Tennell forged a relationship that’s lasted over a decade. 

“When I first started coming here there were a lot of high-level kids here. I really enjoyed that aspect of it because at the time I was not very high level. I do remember my trial lesson with her and I really enjoyed it. She had a different way of teaching than anyone else that I had been with before and I thought we would work really well together," said Bradie Tennell, first time Olympian figure skater. 

Well enough for Tennell to skate away with this year’s US National title. 

"I know every arm, every movement and she really just seemed like she was in her zone," said Myers. 

Punching her and Myers’ ticket to the Olympics. 

"The Olympics itself it such a unique an amazing experience. There is nothing else like it. To be able to share that is really a wonderful thing," said Tennell. 

"Our philosophy is we aren’t going to worry about the medals we are just going and she is going to be the best skater she can be," said Myers. 

Myers couldn't be prouder of Tennell, while loving the fact that as a coach, she joins a long list on Wisconsinites in South Korea. 

Only two people could make this experience better. 

"Coming from Wisconsin and my family is from Wisconsin, it means a lot. I just wish my parents were here to see it. But it is really special," said Myers. 

With her blonde hair, blue eyes, and baby blue outfit Tennell’s journey has easily been described as a Cinderella story. 

That would make Myers her fairy godmother. 

We'll see if these two can have a storybook ending.