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2018 Winter Games: Wisconsin Spotlight - Dean Evason

Posted at 9:52 AM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-07 17:57:31-05

The head coach of the Milwaukee Admirals will be missing a key player for much of the month of February. But it doesn't seem like Dean Evason is complaining much about it.

Bobby Butler, one of the Admirals' forwards, is spending much of February in South Korea, suiting up in the red, white and blue of Team USA on the men's Olympic hockey team.

"What a tremendous story have an Olympian on our team in Bobby Butler," Evason told WTMJ's Wisconsin Sports Weekend back in January.

Winter Olympics 2018

Butler's appearance with Team USA certainly comes due to his own merit, but also because the NHL halted its players from participating in the Olympic Games since 1994.

Evason said that Butler's appearance in PyeongChang has gained national respect across the entire AHL.

"We've gone around here through a couple of different cities...they've recognized Bobby as an Olympian on their jumbotron, which is a tremendous respect for him, respect for our organization," said Evason.

Wisconsin Winter Olympic Athletes

"Anybody who knows Bobby Butler is obviously very excited about his opportunity to play in the Olympics. Clearly he's a good hockey player, but if you meet him, he's a better person."