Milwaukee Wave players have high hopes for this season

Posted at 9:31 PM, Apr 03, 2019

At 20-3, there's only one question the Milwaukee Wave has yet to answer: Is this their year?

"I hope so. I think we are, doing enough, to win," Marcio Leite said.

Complacency? There's no time for that.

"We came back...and he's kind of like, let's do all this stuff and everyone looked at each other kind of like, what's going on man? We have like a, we don't play until a week and a half and you know, he's pushing us. He's making sure we don't get complacent, and I mean that's what a good coach has to do," Ian Bennett said.

In the storied history of the team, veterans are noticing something different.

"I think this is the best defense, we ever know, the best record we ever had. And I think the mentality has been great. So I think defense wins championships and the way we have been playing defense? I think we can do it," Leite said.

"This season...compared to the previous 2 or 3 years? Our defense has really stepped it up. We always know we can score goals," Giuliano Oliviero said.

"Even myself...I changed my game a little bit because, you gotta defend man. I mean, we know we're going to score a bunch of goals. We're going to score a ton, but as defending? We've been holding teams to like two goals. Four goals. Some even 1 goal so, I mean getting results like that on the defensive end? Everybody's doing it. Everyone's buying in and I mean, defense wins the championships right they say? Kind of the cliche. So I think we're on it," Bennett said.

All while having fun, on the journey.

"Everyone's getting healthy and stuff you know?...even though these guys are playing with the ice back here. And don't understand what we're doing. But, like, right? Robert? Like what are we doing Robert!" Bennett said.