Milwaukee Bucks look forward to reuniting in Orlando after closing facility

Posted at 2:49 AM, Jul 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-08 03:49:11-04

The Milwaukee Bucks recently needed to close their practice facility over COVID-19 concerns. Head Coach Mike Budenholzer said it was just the wise thing to do.

Athletes seem fine with the decision to close the team's practice facility after a positive COVID-19 test. I asked Brook Lopez about the next step, leaving for Florida Thursday.

"You know I think it's something that as a team we've been trying to mentally prepare for for awhile now. We obviously have big goals, big aspirations and understanding, getting comfortable with our surroundings, our situation, accepting what we have to do is all a part of that," said Lopez.

So far, only individual workouts have taken place. Members of the team participating will finally reunite in Orlando.

TMJ4 Main Sports Anchor Lance Allan asks just having your team, your guys, the camaraderie, all together. How much do you miss that?

"I'll jump on the second one. I think we miss it a ton," said Mike Budenholzer. "You know, it's interesting, it's what I guess most or all of us have done, for our whole lives. And so when you don't have that opportunity to play 5 on 5, and you know watch guys play together and you know work together, both defensively, you know offensively.

"I think we're all looking forward to you know getting into a more traditional environment with 5 on 5. And scrimmaging and playing, Budenholzer said."

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