Mequon's Brian Belardi on Wisconsin Indy Lights and the Brickyard

Posted at 10:50 PM, May 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-07 23:56:23-04

Mequon's Brian Belardi fields Wisconsin's Indy Lights Race Team.  

Birchwood, Wisconsin driver Aaron Telitz and the suburban Milwaukee team president, make for a strong Badger connection.

"It's one of the first I it's unique and it's unusual, but Aaron's a fantastic driver and I think he has a bright future,” Belardi said.

As an Indy Lights owner, Belardi has been to the Brickyard more times than he can count.  But he'll never forget his rookie year, of 2011.

"For me it was comparable to the first time I went to Lambeau know, being from Wisconsin and quote-unquote a cheesehead and a huge Packers fan.  But driving down 16th Street for the first time and seeing this massive race track that holds 350,000 people? You kind of got goosebumps and I do remember the year," Belardi said.

In fact he's won at Indy twice.  And has this brick, to prove it.  Stamped culver block, 1901 so you know it's authentic. 

“It was given to me by a former crew member,” Belardi said. “He told me, don't ask where it came from."

And now he'd like nothing more than to have a Wisconsin driver, bring the Freedom 100 Trophy back from the Brickyard later this month.  And for you, to get behind it.

"Hey I'm from Wisconsin, let's go...I mean I have a Wisconsin driver.  You know, the more the merrier."