Meet a Racine athlete who maintains a 4.1 GPA while involved in four sports

Posted at 6:58 PM, Mar 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-03 20:39:13-05

RACINE — Recently TMJ4 Main Sports Anchor Lance Allan introduced you to Racine Prairie's Andrea Palmen, during her basketball season. At one point, she played four sports.

"I've always been know, I love staying in shape. You know, like I've, this year. Especially, I've gone into lifting a lot. So being stronger helps me on the court. You know, I'm able to shoot, outside of you know, farther back from the 3 point line," Palmen says.

Somehow Palmen still has energy. Does she ever get tired?

"Yes and no...I think because of the great community here? They make it so we are able to do that, you know. Obviously, academics are hard. But you know, with the support of teams in each sport? I'm able to fight through it," Palmen says.

Fighting through with energy, because she a 4.1 GPA. Better, than perfect. Three sports. A 4.1. How does she do it?

"With good time management," Palmen says.

Her interests are English, communications and psychology.

"I love to read and write," Palmen says.

Well rounded, Andrea played golf in her first year at the Prairie School, but gave that up for soccer, tennis, and hoops.

"I've had success in multiple know, I've gotten that championship in soccer. I've gotten to go to the state tournament in tennis. And if I just stuck with basketball for instance? I wouldn't have had those amazing opportunities. And met those people. And I just think that's, what it's about," Palmen says.

Golf gave way to tennis. Which helped, in hoops.

TMJ4 Main Sports Anchor Lance Allan asks if you enjoy three, or even one point four different sports...what would you advise, someone to do?

"Yeah, so I think you know, playing in multiple sports? Whether you have a favorite or not, will help you in the other ones. Like I'll be in a tennis lesson, and he'll make you know an analogy about basketball, that will help me get the skill, in tennis," Palmen says.

And as four sports gave way to three, soccer is where she found her best team success.

"It was amazing...being you know, able to not only be in the state tournament but to win it all? With an amazing group of girls, I've never felt so connected and a part of a team? There's nothing like it," Palmen says.

So she's won a title in soccer. Played at state in tennis. Yet currently is on a two-win girls basketball team. But this answer speaks, to Andrea's character.

Lance Allan asks and what is your favorite sport? "Basketball!" Palmen exclaims.

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