Marquette Dome provides advantage for lacrosse and soccer players

Posted at 9:44 PM, Mar 05, 2019

It stands out on the Milwaukee skyline.

"You see it when you fly by too," Marquette Men's Lacrosse Head Coach Joe Amplo said."When you see the Marquette banner on the sphere here, it's a great thing. It's a great thing for everybody and we're thankful we have this opportunity to be in here."

It's the Marquette Dome where, for men's lacrosse and soccer, it's always nice.

"It's 60 and sunny in here every day, and we know we don't feel that in Wisconsin," Amplo said. "And most of our peers in our sport, they're struggling with the weather in their own right. I mean those east coast schools have to deal with the storms and the inclement temperatures but we don't."

"It's awesome being in this bubble," lacrosse player Logan Kreinz said. "It makes it easier to get better when you're not practicing outside in a foot of snow, or clearing the field before practice. To come in here and have nice weather every single day... it's just a great opportunity for us that will hopefully take us to the next level."

"It's definitely nice to be inside and not out in the snow, so that's a benefit," lacrosse player Moey Lardy said. "It allows us to get many different practices in when it's freezing cold outside or snowy. We can be inside in sweat pants at the most."

And the noise is real.

"We get to practice in here every day and it's a great environment on game day when you pack a thousand people in here it's loud. The thunder dome, it's nice," Amplo said.

It's a big advantage.

"They're blown away when they walk in here...truly it looks bigger from the inside than it does the outside," Amplo said. "I don't think people realize the amount of activity that goes on in here. This place is pretty much going around the clock and it's a huge benefit to Marquette, also the local the community for a number of reasons."