Mariah Riddlesprigger discusses new clothing line inspiration and Antetokounmpo baby #2

Posted at 11:32 AM, Jun 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-08 23:26:39-04

You may know Mariah Riddlesprigger as Milwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo's other half.

It's a title that comes with a lot more than sideline seats or trips to Greece.

"You see people that come out and say, 'oh she's not a supermodel.' You're right, I'm not and I'm not going to ever be, that's not who I am," Mariah says.

What Mariah is, is human.

"I could recognize that I was changing and that I wasn't quite myself. I wasn't really happy and how that was affecting my relationships, but me in general," she says.

Dealing with self-doubt after the birth of her first son, Liam.

"My family trying to help me, my friends are trying to help me. But at some point, I have to help myself," Mariah says.

Mariah fought back - with fabric, launching her own clothing brand - sincerly, mariah.

"That's how I express how I feel. T-shirts, sweats, so I thought what's a better way to show who I am and get my message out there at the same time."

That message - we are all - uniquely made and undeniably worthy.

"My mom said that a lot. She always reminds me that you're good enough, you're beautiful enough, and don't let anyone take that away from you. It's just a reminder that you're worthy because of who you are, undeniably, no matter what," said Mariah.

Mariah hired local graphic design artist Cassidy Blanchard and launched six pieces on Mother's Day.

"You're wearing it, it's a part of you on that day and you never know when someone might need it. It might just show up in your closet, and you haven't seen it in a few weeks and you see it and you're like oh wow I needed that today," she says.

But the empowerment and clothes aren't just for women.

Mariah knows firsthand that even superstars can forget how much they shine.

"Just seeing these expectations that are placed upon [Giannis], and seeing what people can say online that don't even know him. Just different things like that, and I always want him to be who he is and I love him for who he is," she says.

For Liam, Mariah will cherish telling him the story of how he helped mommy by just being him.

"He inspired so much behind that, in that he really pushed me to get there because of the state I was in. And just wanting to be better for him and this baby, it's really amazing," Mariah said.

As for baby number two - no spoilers.

"I just want the baby to be healthy. As long as he or she is healthy I'm good. Obviously, everyone wants a girl, I'm one of three girls. Of course, you want a girl but I'm OK with however the cards fall."

Girl or boy - it's already uniquely made - and undeniably loved.

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