Long-time Greenfield Parks umpire reaches milestone

Posted at 10:40 PM, Jun 17, 2019

Mike Quesnell overcame hurdles and hardship to umpire more than 5,000 games for the Greenfield Parks and Rec Department.

"I've had 3 heart procedures in the last 4 years. It's just an honor," he said.

"Yeah, it's absolutely incredible...I mean, I don't, I think I have maybe one other umpire that's done that many games," Greenfield Recreation Supervisor Nick Buerger said. "So you know, for as long as Mike's been around, and I think he's been here for about five years or a little bit over that. So he's been pretty loyal to us and he's very reliable and responsible."

"These guys are like friends, like family...I've umpired a lot of these guys for many, many years. Different locations. But my heart right now is at Greenfield. Greenfield is probably one of the best park and rec systems around," Quesnell said.

"He's pretty strict out there....and the guys know that he means business. And he's not just here to just collect a paycheck. He's here to do a good job and give his best effort," Buerger said.

"They don't give me grief...I mean they give me grief but after the game, we shake hands. Hug, high five. They might even offer me a beer. I won't take it, as I'm working, but I might take it to go," Quesnell said.

All this in an era when umpires are in short supply, and under high pressure.

"It's actually more tougher...I think, in the high school level. Where I've done the high school stuff because you have, I hate to say it, but the parents get involved," Quesnell said.

So his dependability is a huge asset in today's sports world.

"It means a lot to us...Mike is doing probably the most games of all the umpires this summer for us. We've got him working about four days a week, sometimes five days a week. And with the lack of umpires nowdays, it's important to have reliable people out here," Buerger said.