Jerry Eckhardt becomes the oldest race winner in the Slinger Speedway record books

Posted at 10:07 PM, Jun 16, 2020

In a moment of history, 77-year-old Jerry Eckhardt became the oldest race winner in the Slinger Speedway record books.

"There he is, Jerry Eckhardt!" Slinger Speedway Announcer Todd Behling says.

"I figured I'd go down one of these days as being the oldest. Oldest one still racing in this area," said Eckhardt.

Semi-feature or not, it's a checkered flag.

"I couldn't believe the crowd was going that crazy for you know, just winning a semi-feature, but I guess I got quite a few fans up there and then, at my age it was an accomplishment," Eckhardt said with a laugh.

At 77-years-old, the Johnson Creek native hasn't thought about entering the slow lane.

"He's still a good driver. And I'll be the first to tell him that he's not, you know? Because I feel that's my job," said Eckhardt's wife Kathy.

"Her and I tried fishing one day, and that was a disaster. Broke the lines and caught turtles," a laughing Jerry Eckhardt said.

On the flip side, he continues to be competitive, inspiring countless others.

"He's a got a little friend, she's 9 now, 10 maybe? that is a real big fan of his. And she painted her go kart, exactly to look like his car," said Kathy Eckhardt.

"I wouldn't like playing golf. I don't, I'm not interested in any other kind of ball games, so. It's all I've done for, ever since I was 23, is race," Jerry Eckhardt says.

A rocking chair, not in Jerry's future quite yet.

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