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'Wisconsin really welcomed me': Packers running back A.J. Dillon finds himself at home in Green Bay

"This is somewhere I'm going to call home forever."
A.J. Dillon
Posted at 3:32 PM, Jun 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-23 19:44:32-04

GREEN BAY, Wis. — A.J. Dillon is the likable running back for the Green Bay Packers. He is nicknamed Quadzilla and his legs look just as big, if not even bigger than last year.

"The quads love it. I love it," Dillon says. "I got about 40 size pants and I got them all scrunched up because I got a little waist so it's a great problem to have, but we love it. Absolutely."

TMJ4's Lance Allan asked Dillon, "You're looking forward to running a lot this year, aren't you? You and the other AJ?"

"Absolutely. We did a great job last year," Dillon says. "A thousand yards apiece. It's something we joked around with in the offseason. We made it happen. So, you know, just getting better every day and we got these offseason workouts going, so excited to see how the season goes."

On draft night, this grown man play showed me Dillon was legit, and it comes with bragging rights on a current teammate.

Lance Allan said, "I'm like, this guy's legit. Do you remember that play?"

"I remember that play," Dillon says. "That was kind of my breakout game my freshman year. And the corner that actually dove at my legs first is Jaire Alexander. And then his buddy, Chucky Williams who I've blocked on all social media. He blocked me, or did at the time. But yeah, I grabbed him right under his armpit. Threw him down, and then ran 70 yards. So, you know, it was awesome. That was like my big play and after that I started the rest of my college career so I do appreciate the confidence."

Nicknamed the mayor, Dillon loves Door County and he'll be around Wisconsin a long time.

"Wisconsin really welcomed me in when I got drafted here," Dillon says. "Football wise, when I got picked, a lot of people were like oh what the heck. My rookie year I didn't play that much but when I did, I tried to make the most of that opportunity. And you know, the state of Wisconsin, te people here in Green Bay, Door County especially, but now, even outside of that area have really embraced me and what I'm about and I think a lot of my morals that I've always been raised with is big family values, just doing right by others. Things like that are a lot of the things that align with Wisconsin, and also having fun and having a great time. I feel like being able to put all that stuff together. When I can come out to events like this, the Boy Scouts Leadership Dinner and give back, or just talk, it's really awesome and this is somewhere I'm going to call home forever."

Rookies report to Green Bay in one month on July 22 for the start of training camp.

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