Vikings/Packers fans learn to coexist in Milwaukee

Posted at 7:58 AM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-19 09:26:56-04

What’s it like being a Vikings fan in Milwaukee? Well, it sounds a lot like this.


Grace Gallagher, a recent Marquette grad from Minnesota, takes it in stride.

“It just means they’re scared,” Gallagher said. “The more hate the better.”

Gallagher is used to it. Her roommate, Jane Cook, is a Packers fan.

“Sometimes we can’t speak,” Gallagher says. “If she wins, I can’t talk to her. If I win, she cries!”

Whitney Dressen and Leo Corona have a different arrangement as Packers boyfriend and Vikings girlfriend.

“Whoever loses pays the tab,” Corona said.

“It’s a fun, friendly competition,” Dressen added.

Thankfully, it hasn’t become a dealbreaker.

“We’re proof that it can definitely work,” Dressen said. “I’ve just learned to zone all the haters out.”

Kellie Johnson knows all about zoning the haters out. She’s a bartender at McGillicuddy’s, and a Vikings fan. It’s always tough to serve her Packer-backer rivals on game day.

“I get so many boos,” she says. “I just get yelled at all night. Being here, and being a Vikings fan is pretty hard. Everyone wants to pull my hat off, or make a bet, or tell me to go back home. But really, it’s all in good fun.”

Especially fun for Vikings fans, who prevailed over the Packers 17-14 Sunday night.