VIDEO: Jordy Nelson's rehab and teaching resume

Posted: 5:00 PM, Jan 22, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-22 18:11:27-05
VIDEO: Jordy Nelson's rehab and teaching resume
VIDEO: Jordy Nelson's rehab and teaching resume
VIDEO: Jordy Nelson's rehab and teaching resume
VIDEO: Jordy Nelson's rehab and teaching resume

Six days after the Green Bay Packers' season ends - a season Jordy Nelson couldn't partake in on the field - most of the Packers have already left the Lambeau Field complex for other parts of the country for the first part of their off-season.
Not Jordy Nelson, a Packers wide receiver who lives in Green Bay full time. He's continuing rehabilitation.
"There's maybe about four of us in there right now and it's kind of dead, but we enjoy being here and it allows me to relax a little bit. If I go home I get busy right away," he said on "Wisconsin's Afternoon News."
The good news is, for Nelson's recovery from a knee injury, he appears to be ahead of his recovery timetable.
"Right now we're running and everything feels great. We will probably continue to build strength all the way through the off season and into training camp," he said.
"I'm at the point now here in a couple weeks I'll just be on our normal off season workout program. so that'll be nice. (Practicing running pass) routes will come here in probably another month and a half, based off Doc McKenzie's time frame of so-many months out of surgery before you can start cutting...just to be safe. So that's a waiting game, but everything's felt good and everything's felt smooth. 
Nelson made news this week with an ad video which showed him in an educational endeavor.
"There's been some misunderstanding with that, I didn't do it during the year, I did it during the off season," he said about the video and his very part-time teaching experience in Green Bay.
"It was just at my son's school which is a small little private school here in town," he said about the one hour-per-day experience, which was to relieve someone who had to undergo a battle against cancer.
"I taught third grade math for about two months because one of the third grade math teachers had cancer treatments, obviously going through chemo and stuff and the doctor's didn't want her around kids because she had a high possibility of getting sick through them," he explained.
"It was fun, I hope they enjoyed it....something different in the middle of the off season to help keep me on my toes."