Mom thanks Packers fans for helping beaten son

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jan 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-22 20:33:29-05

Growing up in Arkansas, 26-year-old Sam Worthington has been a Packers fan since boyhood. 
Now, in dire medical straits, he is experiencing the generosity of Packers Nation.
His long loyalty landed Sam in a hospital in Portland, Oregon last weekend when he was attacked following the Packers' playoff loss.
"His friend has told us he stepped outside and four men approached him, started harassing him about being a Packers of them just jumped on him, hit him unexpectedly," said Kelly Whitehorn, his mom.
"They hit him several times, knocked him to the ground. He hit his head on the curb and fractured his skull, causing a brain hemorrhage."
Sam and his girlfriend attend Portland State. He is now in serious but stable condition.
"He still has some memory loss. Part of this brain that was injured was the speech part of his brain...he has some trouble with speech and language."
Whitehorn has set up a Go Fund Me page so Sam and girlfriend Bridget don't lose their apartment while he continues to recover from very serious injuries.
Kelly says she's overwhelmed by the generosity of Packers Nation. 
"He's not going to be able to go to work for a while...I wanted them to be able to keep their apartment and go back to their normal life," she said.
Already, the page has gone far beyond the fundraising goal, but the medical and life needs that are greater than ever.
"We are so grateful," said Whitehorn.
"Packers fans from all over the nation, New York City, Portland...have all tried to rally around, give some support, money, prayers."
Kelly says that even the Packers are sending gifts and support.
"Most of those donations are from people I don't even know...lots and lots of people are from Wisconsin," she said through tears.
"This week, I've been at the lowest low as a mom can be...people have responded and restored my faith in humanity. I can't believe all the love and support. It's overwhelming."