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VIDEO: Ravens 23, Packers 0; Packers fall to 5-5 on disastrous offensive day

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Packers Second Screen: vs. Ravens
Packers Second Screen: vs. Ravens
Packers Second Screen: vs. Ravens
Packers Second Screen: vs. Ravens
Posted at 12:00 AM, Nov 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-19 18:02:04-05

The Green Bay Packers are 5-5 after five turnovers led to a 23-0 Baltimore Ravens victory at Lambeau Field. It's the first time the Packers have been shut out at home since 2006 and the third time since before Brett Favre was a Packer. Brett Hundley's day:

Three interceptions and a lost fumble, no touchdowns and five sacks by Baltimore defenders. The Packers' running game only gained 75 yards on just three yards per carry.   Overall, the Packers' 13 drives ended in five punts, three fourth-down failures and those five turnovers. T

his wasted a solid defensive effort by the Packers' defense. They held Baltimore to 219 yards, but they are even more decimated by injuries. Kenny Clark was knocked out by an ankle injury and Clay Matthews left the game with a groin problem.

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McCarthy news conference

4th Quarter

Baltimore 23, Green Bay 0
Collins 3 yd TD run
2:12 left in quarter

Baltimore 16, Green Bay 0
Justin Tucker 23 yd FG
4:42 left in quarter

3rd Quarter

Baltimore 13, Green Bay 0
Flacco-Wallace 21 yd TD pass
13:14 left in quarter


2nd Quarter

Baltimore 6, Green Bay 0
Tucker 39 yd FG
0:00 left in quarter

Baltimore 3, Green Bay 0
Tucker 32 yd FG
14:56 left in quarter

1st Quarter

Pregame Updates



Pregame story

This Packers Gameday will define whether the Green Bay Packers are an average team or a winner as the second half of the season gets into high gear. 

The 5-4 Packers host a Baltimore Ravens team that is also in contention for a wildcard berth

The quarterbacks are one interesting study: Veteran Joe Flacco who has struggled in recent weeks and Brett Hundley, who has improved in each of his first three starts in relief of Aaron Rodgers.

But the real thing to watch - the battle in the trenches, between two teams that have scucessfully run the ball in recent weeks against two teams that know how to stuff the run. 

We won't see either Ty Montgomery or Aaron Jones in the running game for Green Bay, so Jamaal Williams will have the load to carry.

Bryan Bulaga is also out at right tackle, but without him, the Packers gained 160 yards against an often-stout Chicago front line last week, so there certainly is hope.

Don't expect a shootout in this game. This may have more of a feel of the Lombardi-coached Packers vs. Unitas-led Colts contests from the mid-to-late 1960's when the winning team would allow their opponent to score no more than 10 points.

Defense and the running game will probably reign today.

Stay tuned.