Vikings 23, Packers 10; Rodgers may be out for 2017

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Packers Second Screen: At Vikings
Packers Second Screen: At Vikings
Packers Second Screen: At Vikings
Packers Second Screen: At Vikings
Packers Second Screen: At Vikings
Posted at 12:00 AM, Oct 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-15 18:40:58-04

UPDATE: The Packers are concerned about Aaron Rodgers' availability for the remainder of 2017 after a broken collarbone suffered in the first quarter.


Postgame Second Screen - Click here for Packers OT Facebook Live

Packers OT Facebook Live

4th Quarter

Minnesota 23, Green Bay 10
Forbath 53 yard FG
10:37 left in quarter

Minnesota 20, Green Bay 10
Forbath 34 yard FG
14:54 left in quarter

3rd Quarter

Minnesota 17, Green Bay 10
Forbath 36 yard FG
9:39 left in quarter


2nd Quarter

Minnesota 14, Green Bay 10
Crosby 26 yd FG
1:41 left in quarter

Minnesota 14, Green Bay 7
McKinnon 3 yard TD run
7:22 left in quarter

Green Bay 7, Minnesota 7
Hundley-Adams 14 yd TD pass
10:40 left in quarter

Minnesota 7, Green Bay 0
Keenum-McKinnon 27 yd TD pass
14:53 left in quarter

1st Quarter

Pregame updates

Pregame story


It's the war for the lead in the north. When the Packers and Vikings play each other, more often than, not, it seems to be that way.

These teams have a longtime pedigree of success and heavy competition for the right to own the NFC North.

It's that way again today with the Packers at a by-the-skin-of-their-teeth-and-the-grace-of-Aaron-Rodgers'-right-arm 4-1, and the Vikings at a we-find-a-way-to-win-even-with-our-top-two-quarterbacks-injured 3-2.

This game is filled with intriguing matchups. You can sense it when Green Bay owns the ball - after all, Aaron Rodgers is the game's best quarterback, but he faces a defensive wizard in Mike Zimmer with a talented pass rush.

But Minnesota presents problems that are unusual given their recent run-centered history and the injury issues with Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater. Even with Case Keenum behind center, they have a top-10 offense.

In other words, this won't be easy. Particularly in the architectural wonder of U.S. Bank Stadium, with a fan base that loathes Green Bay as much as any fan group ready to bounce decibels off the roof of the stadium.

Survive this game with a win, and the Packers will truly have an accomplishment. And a 5-1 record. And maybe the title of the best in the NFC, not just the NFC North.

For now, at least.

Stay tuned.