Packers mega-fan will soon marry into Packer name

Posted at 7:01 AM, Jan 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-17 14:38:07-05

He’s a self-proclaimed Packers mega-fan, and will soon marry into the ‘Packer’ name.

Yes, later this year when Ryan Holton-Murphy and Marie Packer tie the knot, Ryan will take her last name.

“I love this girl, I was going to marry her anyway, but with a name like Packer you just can’t pass it up,” Holton-Murphy tells Wisconsin’s Morning News.

“I think my mom’s a little hurt, but she’s a good sport about it,” he adds. “They’re all in Wisconsin, so they completely understand.”

For Holton-Murphy and Packer, the story wrote itself.

“When we first met, he had mentioned to me about being a Packers fan, and I said ‘oh that’s funny, that’s my last name,’” said Packer. “He didn’t believe me at all. I had to show him my driver’s license, my credit card.”

She jokes that she could already see the wedding bells in his eyes. The two are set to wed on June 17th.

 “We’re thinking about green or gold being a color involved in the reception, we’re still deciding,” jokes Packer. “I think if it was up to Ryan, he would wear an all Packers tuxedo… and a cheesehead.”

For the full conversation with Holton-Murphy and Packer, click in the Soundcloud player above.