Packers playoff tracker: Green Bay two games back of Seattle

Green Bay is back in contention for the 2017 playoffs with one "quarter" left to go in the season, but needs help.

With their 26-20 overtime win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a bit of help from an Atlanta Falcons (7-5) loss, but no help from Philadelphia the Packers (6-6) are 2 games behind the Seattle Seahawks (8-4) for the sixth and final playoff seed (a wild card berth) in the NFC.

The Packers are one game behind the Falcons and are tied with Dallas and Detroit at 6-6.

The Packers would seemingly need to "win out" with the remaining games:
- 12/10: At Cleveland (0-12)
- 12/17: At Carolina (8-4)
- 12/23: vs. Minnesota (10-2)
- 12/31: At Detroit (6-6)

The Browns game would be without Aaron Rodgers. The final three games could definitely have Rodgers available based on his progress from a broken collarbone.

As for who would win each tiebreaker based on each possible scenario, remember: Who owns tiebreakers can EASILY change based on results of games to come, especially if those tiebreakers don't involve head-to-head play - ESPECIALLY if it is a multi-team tiebreaker, so take any "they own the tiebreaker" statements with much more than a grain of salt.

Those tiebreakers will be even more complicated based on the games to come - many head-to-head against other contenders:

Seattle (8-4, Packers would win head-to-head tiebreaker)
- 12/10: at Jacksonville
- 12/17: vs. Los Angeles Rams
- 12/24: at Dallas
- 12/31: vs. Arizona

Atlanta (7-5, would win head-to-head tiebreaker over Packers)
- 12/7: vs. New Orleans
- 12/18: at Tampa Bay
- 12/24: at New Orleans
- 12/31: vs. Carolina

Dallas (6-6, Packers would win head-to-head tiebreaker)
- 12/10: at New York Giants
- 12/17: at Oakland
- 12/24: vs. Seattle
- 12/31: at Philadelphia

Detroit (6-6, head-to-head tiebreaker would be tied if Packers win rematch; Detroit leads now)
- 12/10: at Tampa Bay
- 12/16: vs. Chicago
- 12/24: at Cincinnati
- 12/31: vs. Green Bay

Among other teams in the hunt, New Orleans (8-4) leads Carolina (8-4) by a tiebreaker. The Saints would win a head-to-head tiebreaker with the Packers, so it would be advantageous for the Saints to win the South and have Carolina be the wildcard contender between them. The Packers would win a head-to-head tiebreaker against Carolina if they beat the Panthers on Dec. 17.

Don't worry. Those tiebreakers will play themselves out.

Stay tuned.

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