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Packers head coach helps raise awareness and money for childhood cancer

Posted at 7:00 PM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-24 14:36:48-05

"Children are something that are pretty near and dear to my heart. Having two boys of my own. You know, it's just, I always get emotional talking about kids, because you know, it's just, there's nothing worse than to see kids struggling," Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur says.

LaFleur's passion helped put the spotlight on a family like the Carolina's. Their son, Lewis, received treatment for cancer.

"And last month they had no detection of any cancer cells," Natasha Carolina says.
The Carolina family also had their newborn daughter spend a month in the NICU in January. And oldest daughter Cecilia went into cardiac arrest, in March.

"Audriella was born on the 23rd, she was born premature, she did I think a month in the NICU," Father Lewis Carolina says.

"We've had a horrible year," Natasha Carolina says.

"2020 been real rough on us," Lewis Carolina says.

"But it's almost over. You know, we've literally been in the hospital, all year long, since January. In and out of the hospital," Natasha Carolina says.

So the Ariens company, along with Ariens CEO and Packers executive committee and board of directors member Dan Ariens, jumped in.

"We are a family business," Dan Ariens says. "And we employ, almost 2,000, just under 2,000 people. And I always look at one employee as a family of 3, 4, 5, or 6 people, and so we take responsibility."

And benefitting the Bart and Cherry Starr Children's Fund, Cherry surprises everyone.

"This is your Christmas present to me, because you've made me so happy today," Cherry Starr says. "And love my Packers. And please, give Aaron a big hug for me!"

"I will definitely do that," Matt LaFleur says.

It's a cause that's easy to get behind.

"You know, I would just ask everybody out there too, Lance, you know, look at the website and look up the website. It's an easy donation. It's a good time to be giving," Ariens says.

"People in position of like myself, need to do whatever we can to help all those kids out. To help give them a better life and give them hope. To make a better life for themselves as well," LaFleur says.

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