Olivia Munn, comedian Nick Swardson keep trolling Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on Instagram

Posted: 12:10 PM, Sep 14, 2017
Updated: 2017-09-14 18:47:29Z

All is fair in love and war, as the saying goes. Actress Olivia Munn seems to have taken that to heart, unleashing some subtle (and not-so-subtle) digs on ex-boyfriend Aaron Rodgers in the form of Instagram posts.

But it's not just Munn - comedian Nick Swardson, apparently a good friend of Munn's - is also bringing the heat.

Consider Exhibit A - Munn hanging with her "BFF" Swardson, wearing a cap representing the much-loathed Packers rival the Minnesota Vikings.



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The next day, Munn posted an odd alteration to the photo - Swardson's cap was changed to a Photoshopped image of Rodgers and Swardson in formal wear, with a caption reading "Note to all friends: Please remove all sports paraphernalia whilst we hang out."

It would be easier for Packers fans to write off Munn's posts if not for the fact that this is now part of a pattern. Last month, Munn and Swardson posed for a photo, and the Vikings got in on it - egging Rodgers and the Packers on.

If you had any doubt how Munn and Swardson feel about Rodgers, doubt no more. Just look at what Swardson himself posted on August 27, describing the two-time NFL MVP's jersey as "toilet paper."


Weird. This sporting goods store in Canada sells toilet paper.

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Rodgers will get a chance at "revenge" of sorts when the Packers take on the Vikings Sunday, October 15.