McCarthy: Packers 'need' the bye right now

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McCarthy: Packers 'need' the bye right now
McCarthy: Packers 'need' the bye right now
McCarthy: Packers 'need' the bye right now
Posted at 3:52 PM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 11:09:57-04

Not everything about the Green Bay Packers' 34-27 win over the Detroit Lions was perfect.

However, enough positives about the offense's wake-up from extended slumber have given hope that this Packers team may have enough weaponry to go after the ultimate prize later this season.

Should we look at the glass half-empty or half full? Mike McCarthy is taking the first option.

"We improved in a lot of areas as a football team. I feel good taking that into a bye week," said the Packers' coach on "Wisconsin's Afternoon News."

"It was a good time to clean up, send them off for rest and recovery, and some valued family time."

A week off comes after 30 minutes of offensive domination by the Packers in building a 31-3 lead before halftime.

They score 10 points fewer in 30 minutes than they scored the previous 120 minutes this season.

"Our players did an excellent job of executing the game plan. There was no secret, no science, no big changes. We played a little more base offense instead of sub-offense, a little more had to do with how Detroit was going to line up, particularly with their situation at linebacker," said McCarthy.

McCarthy explained that the defense - which gave up 27 points - was very young with nine first-year players in action due to major injuries on the defensive side of the ball. One of those youngsters, cornerback Damarious Randall - had a receiver against him who gained 205 yards on the day, but McCarthy also praised Randall for his resilience in the face of failure.

"Damarious Randall has a big play against him (a long touchdown pass), and then - bang - he made a big play on an interception. That's what you have to keep doing. That's the way you have to play on the back end. I felt like our guys did," said McCarthy.

"We had our hands on the ball three other times. If we catch one of those, it has a chance to really change that game in the second half."
This bye week is as early as the Packers have ever had. At first, McCarthy was not a fan of it, but the team's health issues on defense have changed his opinion of it.

"I didn't like the bye week when (the schedule) came out...and now I love the bye week because our football team needs it."