Local fans celebrate Packers season opener

Football is back!
Posted at 6:26 PM, Sep 11, 2016

Football is back! While it was the third hottest game for the Packers in hot and humid Jacksonville, the weather couldn't have been better for street parties in and around Milwaukee.

Oakland Avenue in Shorewood was packed with hundreds of people wearing their Packers gear.

“This is awesome. It reminds me of Lambeau Field. We go multiple times a year and we have big tents set up. Everyone is so hospitable around here, it's great,” Miguel Iniguez said.

Camp Bar has held first game of the season parties in past years, but this is the first one they pushed out into the street.

Residents of Shorewood said it's a sign that the recent development is helping and bringing them together.

“We don't often find an opportunity to congregate as a community,” said Shorewood resident Renee Tegge

Drink Wisconsinbly Pub on East National also held a Packers kickoff party.

The 15th anniversary of 9/11 wasn't forgotten. Proceeds at their event went to On-Purpose-Journey, which helps troops and first-responders

“I think when it falls on a remembrance like 9/11, I think that's a big thing so it's definitely a great thing for the league and for everyone,” Nebi Torbica said.

Fans also said it's definitely great to have a win in the first game of the season.