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Hats for cats: Wisconsin woman knits green and gold gear for felines

Wis. woman knits green and gold hats for cats
Posted at 5:46 PM, Dec 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-19 12:56:48-05

KEWAUNEE, Wis. -- For 50 years, Colleen Sternitzky has been knitting just about anything you can think of, from sweaters to scarves to shawls.

Recently, however, her specialty has been hats...for cats.

"They're so cute, and people have been sending me pictures of their cats with the hats on and they're just adorable," Sternitzky told WGBA-TV.

Sternitzky bought a book many years ago about knitting hats for cats, she said. From there, she modified the design to be green and gold for the Packers. Her three cats act as her models.

She has sold her cat hats at craft shows, but recent media attention gave her a huge boom in business.

"I've got well over 70 orders for cat hats and I'm furiously trying to fill all of those orders," she said.

It takes her about an hour to complete a hat, she said.

Not all the orders are for Packers hats, though. She has knitted hats for Vikings fans, complete with little Vikings horns.

Sternitzky sells the hats for $5 each, plus shipping. If you're interested in ordering one, you can email her at