Green Bay Packers fans leave for Dallas

Tickets or not, fans headed to Texas
Posted at 7:02 AM, Jan 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-14 08:02:23-05

The countdown to the big game is on as Packers fans head off to Dallas to cheer on the team.

Some Green Bay fans do not even have tickets, but that's not stopping them.

"I'm going to try to go to the game. We'll see if they have any tickets left," Allie Wright said as she waited for her flight to Dallas.

"We're going to see if we can get in. If we get in we get in, if not, we will have a great party outside," said Ryan Brindley, who is going with his young son and their friends.

A lot of fans were stopping by a Packers pop-up merchandise tent at the airport. Workers there say they've been buying up cowboy cheese hats to give to the fans down there -- a little ribbing.

A Racine man and his son are ignoring it. They are heading to the game decked out in Cowboy gear.

"Gotta root for Dallas," said Frank Herron.

But there's a plane full of Packers fan ready to let any other Cowboys fans in Wisconsin know the harsh reality.

"Bad way to raise your children," said Donell Hill, while standing in his Packers jersey next to his two children. "Do not raise Cowboys fans, only Packers fans."

The Hills have no doubt it's the green and gold's game.

"They looking better than they ever looked right now," said Hill."

"Go pack go!" shouts his daughter Amor Hill.