Former Packer LeRoy Butler speaks to local kids about bullying

Posted at 5:29 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-19 18:30:55-04
A former Green Bay Packer gave some Milwaukee kids a message about being leaders and standing up to bullies.
LeRoy Butler spoke to fourth through eighth graders at St. Marcus Lutheran School. Butler told them the kids who stand up to bullies are leaders, and he gave the kids some ideas on how to recognize the leaders in their school.
"Who got together and did a study session? Who got together and found out who is the shyest kid in the school and be his friend? Who got together and said, get your hair colored weird, I'll get mine colored weird? I like the same games you like, you know what, I like the same color, I like the same team. Who does that? You have to make your mind up who you're gonna be," he said.
Butler acknowledged cyber-bullying is hard to fight.  And that's something Garrett Mandeville, the middle school director, sees every day.
"The social media brings a whole new dimension to the bullying aspect," he said. "And so I'd say now more than ever character education is essential to really equip our kids to be excelling, and responsible people of character and integrity."
Butler also told the kids anyone can behave well when parents and teachers are around. What's important is how you behave when you're on your own.