Do fans prefer Aaron Rodgers with or without a mustache?

Posted at 12:54 PM, Sep 01, 2017

Aaron Rodgers has been turning heads all week with the facial hair he was sporting during practice.

Thursday he wore a new clean-shaven look. But TODAY'S TMJ4 went to the fans to decide if he should he have kept the mustache.

Some fans were happy to see it go.

"He looks nicer," said Patty Damon of Sheboygan.

"I like this one better," said Laurie Paul of Sheboygan, pointing out his mustache-free picture.

Some would have preferred to keep the facial hair.

"I like the scruff when you kiss it," said Christina Reed of Waukesha, pointing to his usual look and then kissing his picture.

"Ok, I am going to need this back from you," said reporter Rebecca Klopf, taking back the picture Reed was enjoying.

While the women swooned over clean-shaven or slightly stubbled Aaron, the men we talked to thought he should have kept it.

"I gotta respect a guy that puts a mustache on like that. You gotta respect that," said Nick Musson of Little Chute.

"It makes him look like a man," said Nate Gralapp of Kaukauna.

But either way Packers fan say mustache or no - they just want their Aaron on the field!

"We would take either one," said Paul.

Aaron Rodgers usually sports a mustache for the preseason at some point. Last year, the Packers chronicled all the 'staches going back to 2007.